About Us

My name is Brandon Mann and I have been actively involved in coaching the fitness community since early 2012. One of my greatest passions in life is helping people and since becoming a coach I get the opportunity to do what I love everyday. I enjoy being able to introduce people to what their bodies are truly capable of, I work with people of all ages young and old. My coaching style involves many different aspects of mental and physical training including…

Weight Training- Barbell movements including Power Clean, Backsquat, Snatch and Clean & Jerk, Bench Press and more, also including kettlebells and dumbbells

Body Weight/ Gymnastics Training- Pull Ups, Push Ups, handstands, dips, muscle ups and more

Speed & Agility Work- Sled Pushed, Sprints, jumping variations, Ladder and Cone Drills as well as band work

Conditioning- Running, Rowing, Biking, Jump Rope, etc.

Mental Toughness- Discipline, Confidence, and Respect

Throughout the years I have seen a need for a training facility that would allow the youth to have a place to train and learn proper mechanics in a weight room, correct techniques and build confidence. I focus on the technique and safety first and foremost and recognize this as a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to development of the upcoming generations.

My wife Shelly and I have been married for 14 years and we have 2 kids; our daughter- Jaycee Mann(15) -2018 Youth Weightlifting National Champion and American Record Holder and our son- Jack Mann (12) multi sport athlete that enjoys playing most all sports and has recently learned how to do standing back flips!