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My name is Brandon and I have been actively involved in coaching the fitness community since early 2012. One of my greatest passions in life is helping people and since becoming a coach I get the opportunity to do what I love everyday. I enjoy being able to introduce people to what their bodies are truly capable of, I work with people of all ages young and old. My coaching style involves many different aspects of mental and physical training including…

Weight Training- Barbell movements including Power Clean, Backsquat, Snatch and Clean & Jerk, Bench Press and more, also including kettlebells and dumbbells

Body Weight/ Gymnastics Training- Pull Ups, Push Ups, handstands, dips, muscle ups and more

Speed & Agility Work- Sled Pushes, Sprints, jumping variations, Ladder and Cone Drills as well as band work

Conditioning- Running, Rowing, Biking, Jump Rope, etc.

Mental Toughness- Discipline, Confidence, and Respect

Throughout the years I have seen a need for a privatized training facility that would allow the youth to have a place to train and learn proper mechanics in a weight room, correct techniques and build confidence. I focus on technique and safety first and foremost and recognize this as a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to development of the upcoming generations. So whether you are a beginner simply interested in coming in to learn how to move and lift with proper technique, or you’re an experienced lifter that wants to check out a new place to train- The Weight Room is RIGHT FOR YOU!

Qualified Trainer.

What we offers!

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Group Classes

Elevate your fitness journey with the energy of our group classes at The Weight Room. Step into a community where every workout is a celebration of strength, vitality, and shared accomplishments.

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Personal Training

Transform your fitness journey with personalized guidance and tailored workouts from our expert personal trainers. Experience a fitness program designed just for you, where every session is a step closer to your health and wellness goals.


Fuel your fitness journey with our handpicked selection of premium supplements at The Weight Room. Each product is thoughtfully chosen to enhance your workouts, support recovery, and elevate your overall wellness.